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Storm the sun

Storm the sun Is big explosion in sun atmosphere able to discharge energi equal to 6 x 10^25 joule. This term is also used for the phenomenon looking like in other star.

Storm the sun influence all the sun atmosphere coats ( fotosfer, corona, and kromosfer) most storms happened in active region around the sun blot

X-Ray and radiation ultarviolet released by the sun storm can influence the earth ionosphere and bother the radio communications.

Storm the sun is first time observation by Richard Christopher Carrington
Storm owning the cycle of eleven year. Restating that happened at 2012 - 2013 waiting caused by friction of cycle. That cycle will reach his top at May 2013, there is possibility of moment culminate the cycle wait activity lower the sun exactly compared to the cycle moment before all.
cycle of Eleven that year in marking the occurence frequency mount sharply. This cycle of indication with appearance many the the sun blots designate the happening of turbulence on the surface of sky object it.

Moment of is condition of top happened is not meaning every day happened the the sun explosion. Possible only one day once, then after 2 - 3 day is again just happened again. Often that the sun storm or explosion intensity happened exactly after his occurence top is skipped over. that Storm the sun cycle by astronomers given the number to facilitate the recognition. Cycle to happened at 2012 - 2013, for example given by theX the number of 24. At that moment, not yet of course its strongest explosion intensity happened in the year that also, but it is possible that before or after the cycle top. Cycle example of of 23 the sun storm top that happened in the year 2000. Biggest explosion of him is exactly happened three year then. At spanning oktober - november 2003 truely happened the the sun storm is very strong, which cause the communications a number of satellites annoyed. If his explosion aim to the earth, not merely the is satellite of space in annoyed earth orbit. Earth is even also experience of it. Explosion moment aim to Earth, particle high energy following the papyrus infiltrate to enter the earth follow the direction earth's magnetic field of north pole and disseminate to enter the atmosphere. That incident have in reporting at the time of cycle of 22 at 1989. That scorpion of transformator ( transformer) power station in Quebec, Canada, burnt and after a while the electrics memasok requirement of 6 million resident over there extinguish during 9 hour. that Particle the sun cause the induction at transformer. Induction arrive - arrive, burn the transformer massifly so that total dead electrics network. During the time have never generated the direct danger in human life.

Explosion the sun is now have become attention of world. A number of satellites have been launched special to perceive this explosion. Explosion information is is also disseminated openly in Internet, so that satellite operator, for example, can soon control his satellite on course stand-by, condition of minimum to depress the storm impact.

Besides cycle of eleven year, there is cycle of 100 annual or cycle Gleisberg, one of the long cycle of the sun activity. This cycle mark the happening of degradation of the sun activity shall the condition of his minimum. that Cycle moment take place, happened the refrigeration Global. With minim of of the sun activity is theoretically radiation it energi accepted by theX the downhill earth also so that trigger the global refrigeration, natural earth of small ice age. Earth have experienced of it in the early of 1800-an. That moment, river Thames in English membeku. Possibility of low cycle top bring the earth return to early century ke-19, low the sun activity moment.

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