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Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 4i

MIUI is one of the attractions of Xiaomi's smart phone. You could say MIUI is a typical Xiaomi ROM customized from the Android operating system. In this MIUI Xiaomi smartphone users will be served a variety of transitional animations, icons, default applications, folders, menus, and themes designed with interesting by the Xiaomi.

But for readers who are accustomed to using smart phones with pure Android may be able to adjust first in order to try the look and various features provided by Xiaomi.

In this tutorial we will discuss how to do hard reset Xiaomi Mi 4i. Hard reset is often done when a problem occurs on the android smartphone. The problems that often happens is the smartphone becomes slow and heavy, error after updating the system. In addition to those problems, a hard reset is performed when data on the smartphone is removed usually done when the user will sell his smartphone

Ok, just go to the point that is, do a hard reset Xiaomi Mi 4i:
  1. Make sure your important data has been backed up like contacts, important files, and important notes.
  2. Make sure the battery is at least 70%
  3. Turn off Xiaomi Mi 4i
  4. Press simultaneously Volume up + power (must be done simultaneously off when second flick)
  5. Select English (use up or down volume to scroll, and power button to select)
  6. Select Wipe and Reset
  7. Select Wipe all data
  8. Select Yes
  9. Wait until it's done
  10. Select back (use power button)
  11. Select reboot system

When finished then the smartphone will reboot, wait until finished, and congratulations your smartphone has been on hard reset. continue to live menyetting your liking.

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